What is Decor By Shan?

When it comes to Decor, there’s always a little extra thought that goes into planning what’s suitable for someone we truly care about. It’s a chance for us to communicate our feelings and show our appreciation towards that person. DecorByShan is a gigantic online decor company, understands every emotion behind the process, and enables you to efficiently convey that they’re valuable and special, no matter which part of the globe they’re in. We offer our customers a wide variety of thoughtfully curated items for any and every occasion — — From the most elegant (Birthday and wedding) stuff, to the sacred occasional product , a range of personalised products and more. 

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What kind of products are available at DecorByShan?

Here’s where we truly shine! At DecorByShan, there’s no such thing as limited options. We’re aware that there are different kinds of personalities out there, all with a unique sense of style. And of course, we do our best to cater to every kind! Our items are mindfully handpicked from over 200 product categories, and we create bespoke items for those who want to go that extra mile and add a personalised touch. DecorByShan is a market leader in special products like Birthday Candles, Artificial flowers, Handmade Wedding stuff and more. We also offer large signature collections of over 2000 products for all key celebrations in Pakistan, including both domestic e.g(Milad-un-Nabi(SAW), Independence Day , Christmas Decoration Items etc) and international festivals e.g(Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc).

Where can DecorByShan deliver products?

There’s almost nowhere we can’t reach! DecorByShan has a global footprint with almost half of its orders originating from outside of Pakistan, and almost one-third of its orders getting delivered internationally to more than 90 countries across the globe. Apart from our own delivery network, we use premium courier partners such as DHL, FedEx, TCS, Leopard etc. to get to the recipient on time. We typically aim to have domestic orders delivered between 2-5 business days, and international orders within 4-7 business days. It may take up to 10-12 business days to deliver products to remote locations. Nevertheless, there’s rarely a place where we can’t supply happiness.

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How old & big is DecorByShan?
DecorByShan is a joint venture of Barkat traders and DecorbyShan. They have been in the business for around 50 glorious years, and is only getting better with time! We have 2 offices and multiple warehouses with over 500 employees across Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Karachi.